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Squaring the Circle....


I've lost many cats over the years... sometimes they die in their sleep... sometimes they simply never return after a night out & about. I needed closure in the case of Sylvester, a little black yearling cat... who went missing back in late 1972. After recently learning of a flap of UFO sightings in my hometown that had occurred during that same week in '72 - unbeknownst to me at the time - I couldn't help but think... Maybe, just maybe good ol' Sylvester might still be alive somewhere. Yes, he'd be about 38 years old now (266 in "cat years")... but he would have enjoyed the benefits of Relativity who knows what else. He probably hasn't aged a day! Hmmm... Maybe he's just frozen on a wall somewhere... in the office of some Alien scientist.


The TRUTH about the Roswell Incident is stranger than what was once thought. It seems that now we know that the "Cold War" was merely a cover for the intelligence/military/industrial complex's opus mundi: the reverse-engineering of the technological artifacts recovered at the Roswell crashsight in 1947. But the hybrid nature of the alien occupants of the craft was not disclosed until now! Clearly, these "aliens" contain significant amounts of terrestrial DNA sequences. I mean, these guys are half FELINE and half "reptilian" for cryin' out loud! NO WONDER the powers at be do NOT want the "rabble" to know the disturbing truth about the world we live in... for fear of a complete break-down in the media-based "social order". The attention of humanity must be kept spinning on it's head as the attention SPAN of each individual is eroded away into what amounts to moments of perceptual dischord... controlled and engineered by soul-less bursts of electronic data. So just remember that first little alien/cat hybrid that tried to get his bearings on that hot summer day in 1947... as he accidently gave away the keys to the future.






Easton, CT Barn

Barn in Easton, CT


Bridgeport, CT Lighthouse

Seaside Park overlooking Black Rock Harbor, Bridgeport, CT


Circa 1850 Catscape "Low-tech" series

Steam-powered technology was all the rage once long ago.  For every cat working on the "dull edge of low-tech", these brass-fitted wonders were an early Victorian marvel.  The general feline community was certain that the next wave of feline consciousness expansion would involve the power of heated water pushing little turbines.  This of course is analogous to today's infatuation with the employment of proteins to accomplish work at the nano level.   Somehow, it's the dreaming of perfected technology that is more interesting than the perfected technology itself.  Why is that?  Do we just get addicted to each new "thing" only to jones for more more more.  Looking at the past helps to expose the silliness of today... the rediculousness of "advances".  I try to tune into reality with funny stuff like this... not to be funny for humor's sake, but to use humor to express an analog of the rediculous.  I mean, to show through analogy, the nature of humanity itself - which is rediculousness incarnate.

Yellow House

 The house is from Newtown, CT, I just made up the rest of it.


Foothills of the Berkshires

Made this up out of thin air one day.




Testing out the Da Vinci Principle...



A study in geometry.


Barn at Aspetuck, Easton, CT

Bradley-Hubbell House, Easton



Southport Harbor (from Sasco Beach), Fairfield, CT


Had to delete all the mansions there, cause, well... none of them were showing me the pure & simple archecture that is dear to me. So I added Burr Mansion and a saltbox. Hope I didn't just loose a few wealthy patrons.. heh.



Bizarre Feline-Powered Airship


Car Cat









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