My Approach

I love working small and enlarging a design as needed. The challenge is to not lose the original organic charm of a small inspired drawing as one develops the idea into a larger space.

It's that spontaneous line quality of a small drawing that captivates my interest. From there it can wind up very large but the charm needs to be maintained and nurtured.

My Story

Hi! I began enthusiastically drawing at an early age. By 3-4 years old I was spending more time drawing than my brothers and eventually realized that drawing was my "thing".

I can't say that i was ever taught much about art by anyone.. other than my parents opening the door for me, showing me the basics and always encouraging me to challenge myself.

Many decades later here we are... still trying to express myself and find peeps who enjoy my work!  I hope you're one of them!

Thanks for stopping by!


Give Me Shout...

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